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Independent Counselling Enterprises provides a broad range of services to clients in many different settings. Services are structured to provide:
  • stability to individuals or families in crisis
  • support and/or training to maximize individual independence in situations of physical, mental or emotional disability
  • training and educational programs

Those individuals requiring support may request service delivery privately or be referred through alternative sources such as Alberta Health Services, Persons with Developmental Disabilities or W.C.B. The referral source is often contingent on the funding source.

Services offered by Independent Counselling Enterprises include:

Non Residential Programs

Services are available that will assist developmentally delayed adults or children who require one to one or small group support in a variety of areas. This includes assistance to implement behaviour management programs, educational/vocational programs, in-home relief or community access.


Residential Programs

As a provider to shared accommodation situations, I.C.E. has supported the concept of empowerment of the consumer. As such, I.C.E. encourages the client or guardian to be as fully involved, to the best of their abilities, in planning daily living, community activities, goal planning, staff evaluation and program feedback. I.C.E. administers budgets, staff hiring, training and supervision in conjunction with the client and/or their guardian.

Support Home Operators

A support home operator provides a supportive home environment for a person with a developmental disability. Most importantly the Support Home Operator provides essential supports to allow the person to become independent and a participating member of the community. I.C.E. monitors services provided by the Support Home Operator and ensures the service meets industry standards.

Health Care Aid

This service is designed to provide quality care to seniors, and the physically and mentally disabled to remain in their home or return to community living. Assistance in the areas of bathing, dressing, transferring, various household and healthcare supports and community access will be provided. I.C.E. support staff are able to deliver a valued service to the individual to promote maximum independence, self-respect and self-determination.

Registered Nurse/Licensed Practical Nurse

R.N./ L.P.N. services are available as defined by their professional scope of practice. Services are generally to provide for more complex medical needs or nursing health support.

Supports to Services to Children with Disabilities

The primary focus is to support the child within their family environment or residential setting as appropriate. Goals and objectives are established by employing a team approach with other involved professionals. Services include assistance to implement behaviour management programs, educational/vocational programs, community access, in-home relief or 24-hour residential supports.

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