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Abuse Prevention Manual

Ice Abuse Prevention and Response Protocol/Protection for Persons in Care Act

This course was developed by Persons With Developmental Disabilities (PDD), Abuse Prevention and Response Committee. The purpose of this course is to provide a provincial operational policy framework that identifies the processes involved for accountability measures and response to abuse with the focus being a proactive preventative approach.

This workshop includes:
  • A discussion on the context for addressing abuse.
  • How to identify and reduce vulnerabilities for people who have developmental disabilities.
  • What the roles and responsibilities are of those who support, report and provide response procedures.
Through lecture material, class discussions and group activities the aim is to increase knowledge and awareness of support staff in identifying those at risk, how to promote meaningful community inclusion to reduce that risk and the procedures to follow. This course is mandatory for all parties who are paid to provide PDD funded supports.

Along with "The Abuse Prevention and Response Protocol", all agencies must adhere to "The Protection for Persons in Care Act". For more information on "Protection for Persons in Care", please refer to the Government of Alberta website

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