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Community Liaison

Ice Every individual that we serve has the right to have a voice within our agency, their community and every day life. People with developmental disabilities also have the right to be knowledgeable about self-advocacy. To help accomplish this goal ICE uses the services of our Community Liaison.

Our Community Liaison is a self-advocate who meets with the individuals that we serve to establish communication between peers, their support networks, and the agency. This individual educates others on their rights and self - advocacy, listens to their feedback, and presents this feedback to the ICE Coordinators involved with them. The Community Connector also assists the individuals that we serve in exploring natural supports within their immediate community. As a self-advocate, the Community Liaison is one of the best people to help others take charge of their lives and future.

In conjunction with the Community Connector and the Resource Team Leader, the Community Liaison is an active participant in the ICE social network group. This group is a self-advocacy group that gives the people that we serve another voice within the agency in regards to community building, person centered planning, and service delivery.

The Resource Center Team Leader is responsible for developing and implementing workshops, assisting people supported by ICE with job searches, accessing community resources for recreation, employment and volunteer opportunities. Whereas the Community Liaison works directly with the individuals that ICE serves, the Resource Center Team Leader works not only with the people that we serve but also the employees who assist those with special needs.

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