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Health & Safety Resources

Employee Training

Pre-Employment Training (P.E.T.) is mandatory for all new and or potential employees. Pre- Employment training covers many important Health and Safety requirements including: WHMIS, Worker / Employer Health and Safety Responsibilities, and Food Safety. Training in First- Aid/ CPR is mandatory and must be kept current for some employees. Medication Delivery, Proactive Behavior Intervention (P.B.I.), training is mandatory for all field employees. All employees are trained in the Abuse Prevention and Response Protocol as per government requirements.

Employee Orientation

Employees are provided a site specific orientation on their first shift worked at each location. Information is available for reference in the Site Specific Orientation Manual, Health and Safety Binder, client files, individual client care plans and protocols.

Manuals - I.C.E. has a number of manuals important for the information they provide:
  1. Orientation Manual - Each Residential program has an orientation manual that provides site specific information about the home and the residents, outlines routines and procedures.
  2. Residential Monitoring Manual - There is a monitoring manual in every residential setting which details the documentation required in the home and reviews client file content.
  3. Non - Residential Monitoring Manual - There is a monitoring manual which details the documentation required for non-residential programs funded through PDD and the format of the client files. As these programs operate in the community the manuals are available at the main office in each region for review.
  4. Support Home Operator's Manual - This manual details the documentation required for monitoring support homes operated through I.C.E. and reviews client file content.
  5. Policy Manual - Comprehensive policy has been developed by ICE and is available in the Agency�s Policy Manual. Policy Manuals are readily available for access by all employees at each office location and residential programs. Policy updates and information are shared each month in the ICE Page.
  6. Health and Safety Binder - A Health and Safety Binder is kept in each residential program and at each regional office (for non-facility based programs). Each Health and Safety Binder contains a resource section with information on a wide variety of Health and Safety topics including: community safety, first aid, emergency responses, pest control etc.
  7. Pre Employment Training Manual - A Pre Employment Training Manual is provided to all potential employees who attend Pre Employment Training (PET) as a resource.

Hazard Assessment and Control Document

ICE has a comprehensive Hazard Assessment and Control Document listing and rating hazards associated with all job duties completed by ICE employees. A copy of this document is located in the Health and Safety Binder at each residential program and at each ICE office. Site specific hazards and controls for individual residences and offices are included in this document at each location.

24 Hour Staff Support

Employees may use the 24 hour Employee Client Assistance Team (ECAT) for support after hours and on weekends when ICE offices are closed.


Health and Safety meetings are held in each region once a month. Restrictive Procedures Advisory Committee meetings are also held monthly in each region. Residential Team meetings are held once monthly at residential programs. Unit meetings are held ongoing within departments.

Communication Systems

Employees are encouraged to keep themselves and ICE informed via ICE communication systems including: Residential Staff Communication Log Books, Meetings, Meeting minutes, electronic or manual contact notes, incident reports, the ICE Page newsletter, office and residential site bulletin board postings, contact with ECAT and/or Booking Staff, direct contact with their supervisor, and the ICE Website. Health and/ or Safety articles and regional Health and Safety meeting minutes are published each month in the ICE page.

Workers Compensation Information
Worker's Compensation Board (WCB) information Posters are posted at each office and ICE residential program. WCB Worker Handbooks are also available at residential programs and at ICE offices. There is also a WCB website at (Please also refer to ICE Policy 3.5.1 Employee Health and Safety.)

Committees: Each region has a Health and Safety Committee and a Restrictive Procedures Advisory Committee.
  • The Employee Health and Safety Committee - brings forward concerns, reviews injury and near miss reports and suggests improvements to policies and procedures.
  • The Restrictive Procedures Advisory Committee meets monthly in each region to review client behavioral incidents to suggest positive approaches and behavioural strategies for safety and success.

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