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Health & Safety


Independent Counselling Enterprises (I.C.E.) takes reasonable and prudent action to prevent and to minimize risks in the workplace. This is best done by having written policies, practices and procedures in place, training and educating employees, employing competent supervisors and communicating to employees their responsibilities. The agency is aware of its responsibilities and complies with legislation as outlined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Worker’s Compensation Board (W.C.B.).

Certificate of Recognition Program In addition, I.C.E. participates in the Partnerships in Injury Reduction, Certificate of Recognition (C.O.R.) program. The C.O.R. program is sponsored jointly by the Worker’s Compensation Board of Alberta and Workplace Health and Safety, Alberta. In accordance with this program, the agency has developed and implemented a workplace health and safety management system. Since the first external C.O.R. audit conducted in 2005, I.C.E. has consistently met the standard for Partnerships certification through evaluation of the I.C.E. health and safety system. The agency focuses on continuous improvement and has achieved excellent scores in both external recertification and annual internal C.O.R. audits.

See some of our key policies here: ICE Key Policies Package (PDF)


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